Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Farm Shop

Some pictures taken from inside my farm shop !
I've got some lovely things, such as Higglety Pigglety cards, Jane Maddern's hand made soaps ( which make the whole shop smell beautiful ), Isabella Smith cleaning products, with essential oils, and lavender products from Norfolk Lavender, among other things...and my own stuff too !
I've had a nice response from the locals, only hope I can keep it going...and growing ! Having spuds, carrots, wood etc is good too.

I painted some dolly pegs to sell as "kitchen helpers"!

Trying to get time to sketch the busy harvest time views outside ! I just don't seem to have the time at the moment !

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fairies and Trolls !

There are some strange goings on here ! Fairies playing on rocks by the lake. Trolls up to mischief in the woods !

We are into dress rehearsals time for a play being put on by a local theatre group that my youngest is in. There are children and adults in the play which is great fun !

Hmmm...I think I recognise this troll ! She's "Troll Secretary Wiggle Bum"...but also my sweetie pie !

The costumes are great! All the trolls have matching wigs and fur on the ends of their tails. I can't wait to see the finished play in a couple of weeks. I just hope the weather stays fine. The setting is so idylic, a woodland glade next to a mirror- glass lake.

Friday, August 03, 2007

A holiday in Hälsingland

The girls, their Aunt and I have had a lovely few days staying with relations in Hälsingland. They have a summer house by a lake, an idylic situation.
We had good weather ( for this summer at least !) and the girls swam every day, I managed most days.
We visited craft workshops and second hand shops.
They produce some beautiful woven linen fabrics close by, wish I could have afforded some, but I did find it very inspiring.

We stopped off at a very pretty goat farm, bought some goats cheese at the farm shop.

The porch of the summer house.

We arrived home to the happy news that my brother in law and his girlfriend have set a date to get married. I thought I might send this as a congratulations card ! Sorry it's so out of focus ! ( it's a wedding dress...watercolour !)