Monday, October 22, 2007

carrot and orange marmalade !

I'm pleased with my days ! Thought I'd do a little photo shoot for some of the pretty orange pots in the late afternoon autumn sun ! Oh, and I haven't spelt marmalade wrong on the labels, that's how it's spelt in Swedish !

Trying to juggle with too many balls !

I feel like a "Jack of all trades master of none" at the moment.
Anyway, I'm trying to get lots done before the busy Christmas period. Well, I'm hoping it will be a busy Christmas period ! Who knows, anyway, business picked up in my shop this weekend I'm glad to say. You do get full of self doubt some days, especially when for example one old man visits, tells you he buys his carrots elsewhere, drinks your coffee, tells you about his bad back and goes ! Well, bless him, he had a trip out, and I should be thankfull that someone took some interest in what I'm doing !
I'm making Swedish farm angels out of vintage fabrics, the wings ( hard to see here ) are filled with lavender.

I've been putting up more pictures.

I'm really pleased with the way my candles have turned out !

and I'm working on more paintings, views for Christmas cards.
Due to having a bad couple of carrot weeks at the shop ( no one seems to want carrots at the moment, only potatoes ?) I am making carrot and orange marmalade today. There will also be carrot chutney and carrot muffins on the go !!
Other news...we still haven't found the right horse to buy. Autumn is well and truely here, I managed to get all my dahlias in before a heavy frost !Love autumn, but winter can stay away for as long as possible ! Brrrr.... Hope life is a box of fluffy ducks for all of you out there ! XXX

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Feel Good Convention !

I had a stand at a local "Feel Good Convention", as my farm shop seems to have a mostly feel good feel!! I went along to advertise my stuff.

It was nice to talk to visitors and exhibitors. I sold some items and managed to hand out alot of leaflets about my shop. Hope some good comes out of it.

I went to the church harvest festival on Sunday. The church did look pretty all decked out!
There was a lovely tea afterwards with home baked bread and cream cakes.