Thursday, September 14, 2006


My goodness ! The summer has come and gone. I have been very bad and not written ANYTHING new on my blog spot !!
My excuse is that we have had such a wonderful summer that I haven't been indoors, days by the lake and in the garden. Bliss !! I will have lots of happy memories to think back on during the winter brrrr !!
As usual I haven't done as much painting as I planned. I'm currently working on views of the golden fields around our home. It's a beautiful time of year, harvest.
The cranes have arrived, to eat what they can find in the fields before heading off south. They are amazing, so big, and noisey !
We are working on a barn convertion, to be a farm shop / gallery. I hope it will work out ! I am packing loads of logs in 40 litre sacks to sell as !! We will also sell oats for horses and other bits and pieces from the farm. Crafts too will be on sale, mine and others. I'm felting lots of Swedish elves to sell in the shop and on ebay. My life is lots of little and big projects, and none of them seem to get finished !! Wishes and Blessings XXXXX