Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mothers Day and lilac

I love lilac, and there is plenty of it in our corner of Sweden just now. Every year I have to paint it, it's over so quickly, so I need to capture it !

I put some lilac next to a red geranium, I like the combination of red and purple. I may put the finished paintings on my blog...if I'm satisfied with them !
It's Mothering Sunday in Sweden today, and I love this card I received from my youngest. This is exactly what I look like cleaning the house in my best red dress, high heals etc !?
She has included little tokens for a massage, breakfast in bed, a trip, help with the cooking ! The perfect gift !
It's a wonderful gift being a Mum !

Friday, May 11, 2007

A lovely parcel !

A beautiful parcel has arrived from Tiffany ! One of her lovely painted boxes, handpaintedloveboxes , such perfect detail and with an inscription painted inside the lid, beautifully done !
Also a box of her very pretty cards and a couple of extra floral cards which I really like too. Thankyou so much Tiffany, there's a little "thankyou" in the post. I consider myself a very lucky winner !
Made up for having to paint my barn ! Thankfully I've got my Dad here to help, and we're getting there, but don't these things always seem to take longer than one reckons !!