Sunday, March 15, 2009

A few of my favourite things !

Got the urge to photograph ten of my favourite things lots of favourite things really, and of course my absolutely favourite things are my children and husband...and cats, but they are not really things !

A basket full of things my children have made at school and brought proudly home!

A pipe rack/cupboard that my great Grandfather made, it's very Arts and Craftsy...

My favourite perfume, my husband searched everywhere and found me a bottle for my birthday !
My rag dolls, made for me many years ago by my Mum, they've been adopted by my youngest...

My Dad made this beautiful dolls house for his granddaughters, and the furniture inside....

My Helen Bradley books, I am collecting them all as they remind me of holidays with my grandmother in Devon, I used to borrow them from her local library, and look at the pictures for hours, I'd then draw for hours having been inspired !

A painting my daughter did when she was about 3, I love the colours, I was doing a painting of a window and she joined me and did a much better painting !

A mug that I bought at "The Jinney Ring" a crafts shop near to where my Father lives, I love visiting there and always come away with something pretty !
This china doll belonged to my great, great Grandmother, a real treasure....

A painting by my darling Mum, I remember her doing it, she was so clever and I miss her terribly, but I am so lucky to have some of her lovely paintings around me.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Flu!

I usually "tut tut" at people who say they've had the flu, when really it was just a heavy cold ! My Grandmother had the flu in 1918 and it turned her hair white, I believe she was one of the lucky ones. Anyway, after four nights with fever, I am calling my cold the flu !! My faithful cat Chutney and his naughty little friend Tumnus have been great company, not so good at coming to me with cups of tea with honey, but my lovely daughters have been great in that respect ! Feel much better today and I'm going to tackle the vacume...long overdue !

Tried to scan in these three little watercolours, but they didn't come out so well. Two "corners", not in my house, but I like rooms and windows and doorways leading off to places. The dresser is an attempt at my messy dresser !