Sunday, November 19, 2006

Making Swedish Pepparkakor ( Christmas biscuits)

It's become a tradition that my girls and me meet up with some good friends and make Pepparkakor before Christmas. It's a sort of gingery biscuit, yummy, and a must for a Swedish Christmas. We'll see if ours last past the first Advent !!

As you can see among the shapes an Easter bunny has bounced it's way in...never mind, no rules that say there can't be a Christmas bunny !

We had a lovely time !

Fresh out of the oven, ready to decorate with some icing...if they survive that long !

My eldest daughter and I go to Falun Gong each week. It's a form of meditation from China. For some reason people are thrown into prisons and tortured for doing it in China, it's hard to understand why this should be. It promotes truth, goodness and patience, I guess it's the truth bit that doesn't go down so well ? Anyway, it's so calming, peaceful and lovely, we enjoy it.

The lotus flower is the symbol for Falun Gong and this week we learnt how to fold them out of paper.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Painting, sewing and singing !

I've been trying to paint Swedish winter windows. During Dec' and Jan' people have beautiful windows. Candles, decorative lamps, Christmas curtains and ornaments. Really brightens up the dark months.

These three aren't quite finished. Sorry it's rather blurry, must try to scan !!

The cats are a challenge. They would dissagree !! They are beautiful though, and they would

agree with that ! These aren't finished either, but I thought I'd show what I'm trying to do !!

Driving to my daughter's theatre class yesterday, the three of us ( my other daughter came too ) were singing along to "Don't you want me" by Human League. The days of" Old McDonald had a farm"...have gone !! Time goes fast when you've got children, make the most of every second !

I am sewing wheat bags and still making elves. I'm having a hard time concentrating on one thing and finishing it off, as you can see !
Take care xxx