Thursday, September 11, 2008

After the summer !

It's been a busy summer ! We've moved house and we are now happily ( after a fair amount of tantrums and tears ) living on the farm. The house is in need of a complete face lift, but we'll get there eventually.

Our youngest has spent all summer playing Lucy in the stage version of "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" it was a terrific experience for her and the whole family. She has been so lucky to have spent so much time with such thoroughly wonderful people, actors, musicians etc.

Being lulled to sleep by Mr Tumnus and his beautiful singing.

She's hooked to theatre now !

Flying on Aslans back

My computer crashed just before we moved house, had I backed up the last few months of photo' !!! I have now learnt my lesson and wont be so lazy again.

My farm shop has gone fairly well this summer and I'm still gathering more produce to sell. I had a good honey harvest ( beginers luck ) and people seem keen to buy local honey, so I'm very pleased I took on the beehives. I have so much to learn though !!

I'm working on some late summer landscapes at the moment. I'll scan some in soon.

Wishing anyone who reads this blessings and well wishes