Saturday, October 21, 2006

Playing with ideas

I've been trying to sketch my cats, in various poses. I want to do a few Christmasy pictures of them, lying on wrapping paper,exploring a Santa hat etc. We shall see if I get many finished ones done before December. I thought I could have some in mounts dotted about at Christmas sales that I'm taking part in this year.

This one started as a pen sketch, but I added a few colour washes. I had at first planned to do a black pen sketch with just a wash of colour on the wrapping paper, but that looked rather empty, so I coloured it all in. I don't have a scanner so this was taken with my camera and looks rather pale !

The weather has gone very rainy, and rather dull. Further north they have snow. I'll be happy if the snow stays away for as long as possible !

Went to our village pub evening last night. It happens in the local hall once a month, it's nice. I miss the British pubs, being able to walk down to the local !

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chutney with apples and Chutney the cat !

My apple chutney seems to have turned out ok ! I now have grand ideas of making loads to try and sell ( always trying to make money ! This time next year we'll be millionairs etc ) I also made mint sauce ( had loads of mint, it spread, as it does ) I love mint with lamb.

The cat Chutney didn't seem impressed ! He and Snuggles have just been eating, sleeping and sometimes hunting. I think they are eating in readiness for winter. Good idea !

It's hunting season here. Lots of blood thirsty men, and women, out looking for elks (poor things) to shoot, and deer. Lots of elk hiding behind trees and trying to keep a low profile ! It's not the time of year to go walking in the forrest in a fur coat anyway !

Here's a picture of some lovely wooden dolls. I help the 8 year olds class from our local school make them each autumn. They have a day making and doing things as they were done many years ago. This is at a local historical farm museum. It's always fun, and the kids appreciate it.

Monday, October 09, 2006


We are having those lovely bright, crisp autumn days, I wish they could last all winter ! The colours are beautiful, and we have apples in abundance ! There is something about this time of year that brings out the "earth mother" in me, pie making, chutney, bread, fruit drinks, I want to get it all done before the winter destroys it all !!

My watercolour classes have started up again, so I am once more walking around muttering in Swedish to myself in readiness for Wed' evenings and trying to explain how to lay a wash in Swedish !

I am busily trying to get things made for the Christmas markets, and (I hope) our barn project. I know the next few weeks will fly. I have had a go at a Shaker style, Swedish rag doll. Will change bits for the next one, but I'm quite pleased. She is wearing her Christmas best ! (the photo isn't so good I'm afraid )