Thursday, April 27, 2006

My first blog !

Oh err !!! My first blog. Have no idea what I´m doing, but here I go !
It´s been a rainy week here in my bit of Sweden, but mild. After the winter we´ve had with so much snow, I am enjoying the rain. I am constantly teased about being British and how I must be used to rain ! But, I must admit that I like the rain and have looked forward to it this winter. Far too much of the cold white stuff for my liking !!
Haven´t done much painting this week, more sewing. I´m making wheat warmers to sell. I am trying to design a simple print to screen print onto the linen fabric that I am using for the warmers.
I hold an Art class once a week. It´s a challenge, especially this week as I tried to explain perspectiv in Swedish, they listened politely, but I´m not sure if they understood !!
Well, that´s my first blog ! And a picture of my bit of Sweden with the "white stuff". See youX