Monday, February 19, 2007

Snow still here, I'm longing for colour !

Snow is still here. Good thing the Swedes painted many of their houses red, they stand out and are a cheery colour click amid all the white. These two photo's show how pretty it can look when the sun shines...and how dull it can look when it doesn't !

I have to say, I long for colour, I always do this time of year. This week I will buy some little pots of primulas to paint.

Another Birthday, my youngest is now nine. Time goes by so fast !

She had a lovely day with lots of presents and cake !!

I had to take a photo of these beautiful shiny parcels before she tore them open !

The "Birthday tree"!! Which had some little parcels underneath.

The girls have been enjoying cross country skiing, sledging and ice skating. I'm afraid I have done very little by way of winter sports. I have been out walking as often as possible, still trying to loose those Christmas kilo's !! Not easy when people keep having birthdays and I keep eating cake !!

More terrible blurry images of windows painted with acrylics...just to show I am working...but not very hard !!

and I have been sewing more little dolls," Swedish forrest folk" on my new sewing machine, using vintage fabrics.