Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas and back again !

That was a lovely Christmas ! We flew back to the UK for a Christmas with my family and our friends. It was great to meet up with people even if it was far too brief.

We met up with good mates and took all the children to a pantomime. Beauty and the Beast. It was fun " Oh Yes it Was...!" for everyone. The girls loved it, and so did we. Great to see a good old British " It's behind you...!" Panto' !! Sorry, it's not a good photo, we weren't allowed to take while they were acting, so I took a photo in the interval, just for a memory !

The Christmas curtains and candles have been put away now. We had a bit of snow when we came back to Sweden, enough for the girls to sledge and do a little skiing. It's gone now and it is strangely mild with reports of spring flowers growing. I don't know what's happening to our climate ! I can't say I enjoy snow, but I like the seasons to do as they should !
Poor old Chutney the cat has been in the wars, and right now feels very sorry for himself. He has a rubber tube in his head to drain out an infection, and a plastic collar thing on to stop him from pulling at it ! He looks quite gruesome. I was going to put a photo on my blog, but I don't think he'd appreciate it ! He keeps walking backwards to try and get the collar off. I think he's very cross with me for taking him to the vets ! Here's a picture of him as he should be, a big snuggly, lazy cat !