Monday, June 01, 2009

Oh my word !! June already !!

I'm so bad at blogging !! In my defence I have been having rather a busy time with kids, bees, farm shop, garden etc...but who hasn't been....I'm just lazy !!

Just seen to my hives. I feel rather like I'm swimming around in the dark ! Reading books on the subject, trying to work out from the notes I took last year ( when I had lots of help ) what I need to be looking for etc. So far, no swarms anyway, and I have lots of bees who are producing honey. Fingers crossed for a good year as last year was. I have just made them rather cross though checking through all the frames as you can see in the picture they are sticking to the outside of their home wanting to get back in after I've been in and messed it all up for them ! I mean well though !!

Beautiful spring with lots of blossom, does that mean lots of fruit ? I hope so.
The lilac is still a picture . I have to paint it each year. This years effort has gone into a local exhibition, being rather stressed I forgot to photograph it before I put it in. Also entered two lazy cat paintings and a drawing of a friend in the lotus position meditating ( the theme of the exhibition was "peace and calm" so I thought these pictures fitted ) I will try and put them on the blog next time, when I've got them back.

So far the farm has purchased two new tractors ( one new and one second hand ) Rape seed has been planted, I am hoping to produce cold pressed rape seed oil at the end of the summer for my farm shop.

I have been working on the garden, making beds and planting amongst other plants 10 rose bushes, never tried roses before, I hope the moles don't get to them, or the deer, I met one in the garden on friday evening ! Very sweet, but destructive.
Trying to get a herb garden going and some veggies. Have also planted 10 Sea Buckwheat bushes ( think that's what they are called in English ) as the berries are very popular and very good for you. Also thinking farm shop here.

The pear tree has been a mass of white blossom, really lovely ! Take care XXXX