Sunday, August 04, 2013

Welcome to a new start for my blog!

We are approaching harvest time, and it's not just the crops in the fields that need harvesting. It's all go here with raspberry picking daily ( a must have in the freezer for my jams, Tutti Frutti, Raspberry and Apple and Raspberry and Rhubarb).

Redcurrants have been picked for gele's. The Seabuckthorn ( Havtorn in Swedish) bushes are getting ripe, and will be ready towards the end of this month. Not looking forward to
 that job with those nasty thorns !! Looks like there will be a good crop of apples too.

I must start to replenish my stocks of marmalade's and jams for the shop!
The hens have been laying well, they love the rapeseed cake that we mix in with their feed, lots of nourishment there!