Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas !

Wishing anyone who reads this a very Merry Christmas , and the warmest of wishes for a healthy and happy new year ! XXXX

From Chutney the sloppy cat too !

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Second Advent, Lucia and a Julbock (Xmas goat !)

Another busy week, Christmas market all weekend, fun, but exhausting at the same time.

My kitchen is full of candles and childrens Christmas crafts at the moment, probably a terrible fire hazzard ! Cosy though.

A good friend came and helped me make a traditional Julbock, or Christmas he- goat out of a wooden frame covered in spruce twigs. I think he looks great, if not a little fierce ! I think he may be meant to ward off evil, so he shouldn't look all too sweet !! Took a photo, he keeps getting blown over, we are having very strong winds.

On the 13th Dec´Sweden celebrates Lucia, she arrives early in the morning in a white shift with a red band around her waist, a crown of candles on her head and her maids, who have tinsel in their hair. It´s very beautiful, and they sing lovely songs. It is very magical ! My girls dressed up and went in to their Grandpa´s house to sing to him this morning. They took with them Lucia buns that we made yesterday, saffron bread formed into traditional shapes and decorated with raisons.

Before !

And after !!

On Friday this week I am going to talk to my daughter´s class ( eleven year olds ) about Christmas traditions in Britain ! I´ve been trying to work out what to say, making a word list in the shape of a stocking, and a word search. Cutting out pictures from my treasured Country Living Christmas magazines, ahhhh ! I´m really nervous about it, not knowing how much they will understand etc . Anyway, what´s the worst that could happen....I make a complete idiot of myself !!!? Roll on the weekend !!
Take care XXX

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Advent already !

November went by so fast, and suddenly December 1st was looming !

A few Christmases ago I was not well and had extra time on my hands, so in a flash of inspiration I made the girls advent calenders with pockets, to be filled with a small something for each day. Was that a mistake !!! Every year I have to shop around for cheap, cheerful things to fill these 48 pockets with ! But, the girls love it....and so do I really.

This weekend was my first Christmas fair this year. Held in a lovely old hall surrounded by old Swedish buildings. I stood in the baking heat with about thirty other crafts people selling all sorts of crafts, Christmas cheeses, cakes etc.

There were alot of visitors on the Saturday, not so many on Sunday, but all in all a success. Managed to sell a good few lavender bags, wheat bags, Christmas cards and painted bits and pieces. It was fun, although my smile muscle was aching on Sunday evening ! I was really lucky to have my eldest daughter with me to help out, take over for coffee breaks and loo visits etc.
Alot of people are complaining because we have no snow yet. This time last year we were deep in it ! I'm enjoying this mild weather, but I have to keep quiet about it !

Another one to go this weekend.

I love Christmas !!