Monday, April 30, 2007


Been doing jobs in the garden. Planting, sewing, weeding etc. Dug the veg patch, not a job I enjoy, but I love eating my own veg and salad, so it's worth the back ache !
Planted more lavender and took cuttings ( I hope they take !!!) and put in a few more plants I couldn't resist buying when we went to the local nursery the other day.

I've got windows full of seed boxes, so I hope to see some little green heads popping up in the near future.

The cherry blossom is just starting to appear. The daffs are nearly over, the tulips are in full bloom. We are some weeks behind the UK. We had a frost last week, I hope that was the last !!

I love being able to hang out the washing (Simple things etc) the fresh air smell is so nice !

As I was digging the garden my youngest was "helping" by rescuing the worms ! She then set about doing arty things with dandelions which resulted in an exhibition of dandelion art !

The rhubarb always amazes me with its rate of growth ! Made two pies this week, yummy !!

Went to a local fair /market yesterday. There was a stall selling clothes, shove as much as you can in a bag and pay 100kr ( about £8.00) I came home with two bags full, about 20 items for me and the girls ! They had some pretty summer dresses with nice prints, just my thing, so I shoved a few in my bag ! They were a little baggy under the arm so I've taken them in a little and now they are fine, I feel very pleased with myself !!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A lovely Weekend !

We've had a really smashing weekend in London ! We went over the Easter weekend, the weather was lovely. We did all the touristy things, it was great !
I haven't been to London for years. Went quite alot when I was a student, but , that was some years ago. It seems so much brighter and cleaner now, probably due to much of the wonderful architecture having had a clean up.
My girls loved it ! Traveling on the tube, open top bus ride etc. The Tower of London was great, and my eldest being keen on the Tudor history was full of enthusiasm. I'm so glad we went !

Back home to good weather here too, and the busy Spring planting on the farm. Tired husband !

I have been painting with a class of 11 year olds. They have a project about painting flowers. Their teacher wants them to use the school water colour paints that they find rather boring. They want to use thicker acrylic/poster paints. I tried to explain how watercolours work, and using the school paints, did a sort of grid to show how the colours influence each other when you paint over one with another colour. I think this is what frustrates them, ie you can´t paint a clear/bright yellow flower ontop of a dark green without the yellow flower becoming slightly green and less intense ! So I tried to explain how they should plan for this, work from light to dark.
Also showed some exciting effects with salt crystals, and candle wax in an attempt to make the idea of painting with watercolours a little more exciting ! I hope it worked
I started a painting with them, and managed to make a complete "pigs ear" of the daffodil !