Friday, July 13, 2007

Rick Stein and Alpacca sheep !

Some more photo's from Cornwall. Managed to get my Dad's feet in on the beach one !

We went to Padstow, a lovely sunny day. Very pretty harbour. We had a wonderful lunch in Rick Steins cafe ! He did us proud, it was delicious...many thanks Rick....I'm sure it was him in the kitchen ?!

Had a quick stop over at my Dad's house on the way home, didn't get to see everyone to say "hi" to unfortunately. We did however manage to fit in the Royal Show. I fell madly in love with the Alpacca`s ( hope that's spelt right ) . They are on my wish list for the farm !


Just had a wonderful holiday in Cornwall ! We've never been further south west than Devon before.

We had some lovely days out. Pretty seaside villages and harbour towns. Beautiful gardens ! I was very impressed with The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Imagine being able to explore in your own "organised jungle"?!

We were lucky with the weather really, considering the flooding that was going on in other parts of the country, south of Sweden too. We even managed a few swims in the sea. Something the girls were really looking forward to !

We visited St Ives on a rather dull windy day, but loved it anyway with it's higgelty piggelty lanes, galleries etc. Did the Tate...hmmm...don't know !? But saw so much lovely Art on our trip, so I'm very inspired !