Monday, November 10, 2008

November already. It has been quite a busy time here, and what with internet problems and moving, my blogspot has been badly ignored !

We now have Moorbridge and Shiny ! They seem happy in their new home. Don't know much about horses, but I'm learning ! Glad my daughter is only too happy to take care of them anyway !

I have been doing some painting, not as much as I wish. These watercolours of fruit from the garden were fun to do, but I wish I could be a bit more free !! Sorry, these aren't very good photo's.

I did some oil pastel views out of the windows. The hill behind the farm has a couple of burial mounds on it.
I always like the patterns left in the fields from farming.

I'm starting to get the farm shop ready for Christmas. I painted some simple dolls houses and little wooden people. I thought they would look decorative and hopefully I might sell one or two !