Saturday, November 28, 2009

What have I been up to ?

Well, I have been quite busy, time is going by so fast and I am getting worse and worse at updating my blog and checking out other peoples blogs which I always find so much fun and inspiring, so, sorry for not leaving comments lately !
I have bought a press and have pressed some rape seed, so hope to have lovely bottled cold pressed rape seed oil to sell soon.
I have been getting my shop ready for Christmas with baskets filled with ciders, marmelades etc, little gift wrapped geles etc.

We have had a day doing our traditional candle making, a must at this time of year. The local historical society who organise it lay on a wonderful table with buns, cakes, breads....yum ( to be honest that's more important to me than the candle making but don't tell anyone !!)
We have also made our Christmas "pepparkaka" traditional Swedish ginger bread, but I haven't loaded the pictures up yet, must take more pictures of the biscuits before we eat them all....XXXXXX

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MILLY said...

Hello Ellie,
Your jams look gorgeous with your beautiful labels. It all looks very "Country Living". Yes I would be enjoying the cake part too!
Best Wishes x