Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rally Drive

I had a certain birthday, and my husband, not to be boring, gave me an unusual present, a chance to drive a rally car ! So, feeling rather nervous to begin with, I spent a morning on a very curvy, icy track ! Had an instructor to start with, then a few goes on my own ! It was great fun, only crashed ( into some tyres ) once ! It was me and four men, guess how seriously they took it !!! Anyway, I had a laugh, and looking at the times afterwards, I don't think I let the side down !

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chutney and marmalade pots !

I had a lovely comment from Claudia suggesting I do watercolour designs for my pots which was nice as that's just what I've been working on ! Any suggestions ? Too much, too little, too rustic, too scruffy !!? I'd love to know....thanks XXX

Friday, January 09, 2009

I haven't painted birds before really ! Anyway, I now sell bird seed in the farm shop, so I thought I'd do a sort of poster showing the types of bird that would eat our bird food mix ! It is also a learning aid for myself as I'm hopeless at birds names, both Swedish and English, so I have written names in both languages.

So that was Christmas been and gone !

I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying past me just now ! Christmas has been and gone and now it's 2009 !
Here's Shiny anyway with his Christmas hat on ! We all had a splendid Christmas, even if it was over far too fast !