Monday, February 07, 2011

Is it 2011 already !

One post in 2010 !! Terrible, but my excuse is a busy year what with one thing the rapeseed oil and the farm shop ! Anyway, I will try harder. I should think anybody has given up on me by now, but ....
We have had another hard winter, but now it feels hopefull and that we are heading in the right direction for Spring ! I always long for colour at this time, and last week couldn't stop myself from buying some pretty pansies, and doing some little water colours whilst sitting in the farm shop ( a quiet week !)


MILLY said...

Ellie, Welcome back to the world of blogging.
Your paintings are beautiful, you have really captured them. I know what you mean about wanting some Spring colour, you really do have snow, ours soon disappears.
Will write soon,

love.boxes said...

That looks like a beautiful day!