Monday, April 04, 2011

Hens !

I have been asked to stand at the local hen keepers annual Spring show / sale this weekend. I will be mostly pushing the cold pressed rape seed oil ( now with lemon too !) . Also advertising the fact that I have wheat and crushed barley and oats with which to feed the little cluckers !! But I thought I should have something else that was henny ! The potato printed cards were not my idea, but I have always enjoyed potato printing !


MILLY said...

Oh Ellie the hen tags are so lovely. And the bags look so nice to put in bedroom, so many uses. Good luck at the event.
In the past I have used potatoes and made hen prints for Easter cards, everyone loved them. I still have a tag on a key, it looks so right. I think you should make lots, bet they sell.

MILLY said...

Hope you had a good day and everyone loved your hen products. Has spring arrived yet, you deserve some warmer days after all your snow.
Last week was hot here, back to cooler days and misty. Some lovely colours with blossom coming out and lots of flowers, can hear the birds singing all day long.

MILLY said...
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ellie said...

The hens seem to have been quite popular ! We have now had some beautiful weather and Spring is springing fast ! My real hens seem very happy with some sunny days and are giving us plenty of lovely brown eggs ! Hope you are well and enjoying this wonderful time of the year in your beautiful neck of the woods XX